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Bribe opens the northern border

Bribe opens the northern border

Placido Hilukilwa

VIGILANT employees of a hotel at Oshikango tipped-off health authorities and the Namibian police after a Namibian allegedly bribed an Angolan police officer to help him cross the border into Namibia illegally days after president Hage Geingob decreed a state of emergency, closing the country’s borders to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.


Alarm bells went off when it was initially reported that an ailing Spanish national who was “hiding in a hotel at Oshikango” allegedly tried to leave the country by secretly crossing into Angola Wednesday.


It turned out that, the subject of the reports, is actually a Caucasian Namibian national who is employed by an international corporation in the Angolan province of Cabinda.


He travelled from Cabinda but when he reached the Santa Clara-Oshikango border, he found it closed.


health authorities Namibian police bribed Angolan
Pictured: The border crossing at Oshikango where a man allegedly bribed Angolan officials to return to Namibia. – Photo: File


An Angolan police officer offered to help him cross the border illegally upon payment of a bribe.


The unidentified man booked into a local hotel where he was found by health officials and the police after a tip-off.


He was checked on the spot and then taken to quarantine.


Ohangwena Regional police spokesperson Abner Kaume Itumba said that the “unfounded allegations” of an “ailing Spanish national” trying to cross into Angola after allegedly hiding for many days in a hotel at Oshikango has created unnecessary panic.


“People who make these kinds of allegations on social media, thereby creating unnecessary alarm, deserve to be arrested,” he said.


He, however, confirmed that the subject of the report is a Caucasian Namibian who entered the country illegally, helped by an Angolan police officer.


He said that the man was immediately tested and despite not showing any signs of the coronavirus, he is now in quarantine together with two others who also entered the country recently.


Ohangwena regional health director John Hango also weighed in, saying the allegations of a Spanish man infecting people is not true and urged people to stop spreading rumours.


He also urged the people to stay at home and to abide by the stipulations of the state of emergency.