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Breastfeeding mothers urged to donate milk 

Breastfeeding mothers urged to donate milk 

Marthina Mutanga 

MOTHERS who are nursing have been urged to donate breastmilk due to a shortage in the country.


The spokesperson of the Namibia Breast Milk Bank (NBMB), Birgit Mayer, noted that breastfeeding women are needed for their milk as more than 100 babies that are being fed by the Bank since it started its operation in April 2018 are not getting enough.


“Although we have a few regular donors, we are in need of more mothers to contribute to the success of the bank,” said Mayer.


According to Mayer, the milk will help babies under 1.5kg in cases where the mothers are either not yet producing enough breastmilk for their newborns due to ill health, or in cases where the mother has died.


mothers breastmilk shortage nursing
Photo for illustrative purposes. Photo: Contributed


“We need more breastmilk. We are truly grateful for those mothers that have supported us since the inception of the bank as the NBMB has remarkably contributed to the overall wellbeing of babies, thus investing in Namibia, as they are our future leaders,” she said.


Mayer added that premature babies weighing 1.5 kg or less are more prone to infections and are therefore more protected when receiving breastmilk.


“The donating mothers’ own babies must always be first and gaining good weight and developing well. If the donating mother than still has enough breastmilk, she can store it in the freezer in special breast milk storage bags or sterilised glass jars,” said Mayer.


She added that the containers should be marked with the date when the milk was expressed.


Mayer said in order to qualify as a beneficiary of the donor breastmilk, babies should weigh 1.5 kg or less and the mothers should show that she is not self-sufficient to provide breastmilk.