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Boy goes missing after witnessing tragedy

Boy goes missing after witnessing tragedy

Niël Terblanché

The community of Tses along with the Namibian Police has been searching relentlessly for Lawrencias Thobias, a little ten-year-old boy, that went missing after he witnessed the tragic death of another child after wandering in the veldt without water for four days.


The tragedy occurred when the 51-year-old Teresia Kooper decide to leave Tses to go to a farm in the Mukorob area on Tuesday.


According to the acting Karas Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Detective Chief Inspector Jesaja Higoam, the woman took her own child and three children related to her along on the trip to Farm Gruisholte.


“They went to the main road to hitchhike but after spending most of the day in the hot sun they decided to walk in the direction of the farm. It is believed that the woman and children got lost on the way,” he said.


Pictured: Lawrencias Thobias, the ten-year-old boy that has gone missing in the area of Tses after witnessing the tragic death of his cousin. – Photo: Contributed.

UPDATE: Trackers found lifeless body of missing boy


Chief Inspector Higoam said that on New Year’s Day members of the community informed the police at Tses that the group did not arrive at the farm as expected and that their own search for the missing people was not successful.


“Members of the local police station assisted by members of the community immediately launched a search on Wednesday. They were joined by members of the Special Reserve Force on Thursday and after tracking the group they found the woman under a tree. They also found three of the children quite some distance away from the where the woman was found.”


Chief Inspector Higoam said one of the children, the five-year-old Lentina Kooper, had succumbed to thirst, prolonged exposure to the sun and heat.


The two other children were severely dehydrated and very weak when they were found guarding over their deceased cousin.


“The surviving children and the woman were rushed to the hospital in Keetmanshoop where they received emergency medical treatment.”


According to Chef Inspector Higoam the children told officers that the ten-year-old Lawrencias told them that he is going back to Tses after he saw how the other child died.


“The officers tracking the woman and children found them about 30 kilometres away from Tses in the middle of nowhere. The little boy left the other children in the veldt and walked away from them. He has been missing ever since.”


In this regard Detective Chief Inspector Higoam requested members of the public that might know the whereabouts of young Lawrencias or those that may have information that will lead to him being found to contact him at 081 612 7002. Alternatively people can contact the Tses or any other Police Station in the in the Karas Region.

UPDATE: Trackers found lifeless body of missing boy

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