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Black cat in freezer scares Ondangwa shoppers

Black cat in freezer scares Ondangwa shoppers

Maria David
WIDESPREAD superstition and extraordinary fear of witchcraft was on full display at Ondangwa on Monday when, out of the blue, a woman allegedly rushed into a fish shop in the Three Sisters Mall and placed a live black cat in a freezer before she left the scene as quietly and as quickly as she arrived.
Panicked shop assistants and their customers ran out of the shop and fled in all directions.
Police officers, who were promptly called to the scene, managed to remove the cat before releasing it into the wide open spaces of the town.
The owner of the shopping complex Fenny Nanyeni quickly organized a manhunt and the woman, who is believed to be mentally disturbed, was traced two hours later. She could not provide coherent answers when asked to explain her actions.
Ondangwa fear witchcraft woman
Photo: Contributed
“I am from the Walvis-Bay. Can’t you see that I have a Legit shopping bag, I was at the Legit,” said allegedly said.
Speaking to Informanté, Nanyeni said that there might be something more to the woman’s actions than what meets the eye.
Nanyeni, who is an elected Swapo Member of Parliament and a well-known supporter of President Hage Geingob, suspects that the mad woman might have been sent by her political opponents as a deliberate ploy to implicate her in witchcraft.
“They are trying to tarnish my name but they won’t succeed,” she said.
Oshana regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Hilya Haipumbu noted that no case was opened because no crime was committed.