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Be cautious with fire this winter time

Be cautious with fire this winter time

Marthina Mutanga
The Namibian Police Force issued a statement in which they request Namibians be cautious with regards to using fire and candles for warmth and light inside their homes during the coming winter season.
Namibian Police Public Relations officer, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi said whosoever candles for lightning, gas stoves or by making fire or using electrical appliances is requested to be extra cautions in order to avoid fire incidents, damages and loss of human life.
“People who run the worst risk are particularly, those who are using candles and fire to create light late at night and while under the influence of alcohol. Such people does not only pose danger to themselves but endangers others around them as well.
Chief Inspector Shikwambi further noted that elderly people and children must please be supervised and taken care of and not left alone in homes and shacks.
“Usually the major cause of any shack fire is overloading of electrical cables and circuits with too many electrical appliances to try to keep warm.”
She urged shack dwellers especially to ensure that any burning objects or burning candles inside homes should not be left unattended.
“The best way to prevent any fires it to put out candles when you leave the room where no one else is around and light them again when you return to the room.” she said.

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