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Basadi unearths social evils

Basadi unearths social evils

Basadi unearths social evils
Woman of Justice: Annemarie Nainda and her crew._Photo: Eba Kandovazu

249 arrested in the regions

Eba Kandovazu

According to Deputy Inspector-General Annemarie Nainda, the operation was conducted on November 28 until last Sunday. Women officers conducted stops and searches, mini-roadblocks and visible policing to enhance crime prevention. A total of 34 women were arrested and 215 men were arrested during the operation.

Among the successes, Nainda singled out that an incident of child trafficking was observed, where a 15-year-old boy who was reported missing was found at another village with multiple wounds. It is alleged that his mother, an Angolan national, gave him to an unrelated man, who in turn sent him to a cattle post to take care of livestock.

“The boy was severely assaulted when a sheep went missing and he ran away and got lost as a result. Two men, aged 39 and 37 were arrested. Two men from Kavango-East were also arrested for possession of two elephant tusks valued at N$ 28 000 and 58 unpolished diamonds, at an unknown value,” Nainda said.

The confiscation of cannabis and mandrax tablets at the value of N$64 710 was also made. Nainda also said that arrests in connection with child neglect, illegal operation of bars, women visiting bars with babies and minors consuming alcohol, theft, murder and rape were among the successes of the day.

“714 liquor outlets were visited, of which 182 were closed. 17 fines were issued for operating without a liquor license and nine women visited shebeens with babies. Additionally, 56 children under the age of 18 were found at these outlets and warned,” Nainda said.

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