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Bagani backlash refuses to settle

Bagani backlash refuses to settle

Staff Reporter
THE killing of a Kavango resident by his Chinese employer or employees at Andara in Kavango East and a subsequent firestorm that was ignited by comments of the Chinese Ambassador on Facebook, Yiming Zhang, refuses to settle down.
In a powerful display of Namibian peoples’ power the Chinese Embassy and Yiming Zhang met with near unanimous condemnation on various social media platforms, a communication tool that is mostly banned in China.

Pictured: The Lifless remains of the murder victim being offloaded at a hospitalin Kavango East. Phot: Contributed.

A civil society movement, Mozokumwe Volunteers Organisation, who conducted their own investigation into the incident on 17 April, when a Chinese shop owner shot and killed his Namibian employee, now alleges that an investigation into the incident contains various inconsistencies that warrant a high level investigation.
In an unusual break from protocol the police have not yet officially released the name of the victim, who is a resident of Bagani Village near Divindu, although Mozukumwe Volunteers Organisation have the name of the victim.
Muzokumwe urges the Hambukushu Traditional Authority to ensure that any land advanced to the Chinese business man is repossessed.
Apostle Chris Kamaoko a spokesperson for Muzokumwe Volunteer Organization (MVO) especially expressed disappointment into the conduct of the Namibian Police in the Mukwe Constituency and repeated earlier charges that Chinese nationals are treated differently than the everyday citizens in that area.
After a fact finding mission the activists astonishingly claim that they gathered evidence that two guns were used in the killing of the Bagani-resident.
Muzokumwe Volunteer Organization activists said they were on a fact finding mission and gained first hand evidence from the bereaved family, the police, community and traditional leaders including His Majesty Fumu Mbambo.
“We established that two separate guns were used in the shooting. It has been irrefutably confirmed that two Chinese fired two shots each with different guns and the victim succumbed as a result,’ the MVO claims.
Muzokumwe is deeply saddened by the reckless remark of the Kavango East Regional Commander Johanna Ngondo, who intentionally released false information.
Even stranger than fiction it is also revealed that the two Chinese shooters were not handcuffed and instead were escorted by the police while driving their cars with loaded guns. Apparently the station commander, Alfonsina Makushe, confirmed the bizarre chain of events.
In another startling revelation it now also comes to light that a protestor, Djami Issabella, was assaulted to such an extent that she had to be transferred to the Rundu State Hospital more than 200 kilometres to the west.
The MVO now calls for the arrest of those police officers responsible and calls upon the Inspector General of the Namibian Police to launch a full investigation into all the inconsistencies.
In the meantime the Chinese Ambassador has deleted his initial post and posted on his personal facebook that he appeals to the Chinese community to obey the laws of Namibia.
Ambassador Yiming Zhang, notorious for his insensitive remarks despite a storm of Namibian national protest last posted that: “Consular officers from the Chinese Embassy arrived in Kavango East Region. They discussed the case with local police and once again expressed sincere sympathy to the bereaved families. The officers have encouraged the families of the Chinese citizens involved in the case to provide assistance to the bereaved families regarding funeral arrangement according to local customs and appropriately handle the aftermath. The officers also met with the Chinese business community and urged them to strictly abide by Namibian laws. This morning, I briefed representatives from Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Chinese enterprises on the relevant situation, and required all Chinese citizens in Namibia to comply with Namibian laws strictly.”
A post by Yiming Zhang that has since been deleted by the Chinese Ambassador who developed a unique talent for getting under the skin of Namibians on various occasions read: “The Chinese Embassy in Namibia is deeply shocked and regretful at the criminal case in Divundu of Kavango East Region on April 17 during which a Namibian victim was killed. At present, the investigation by the police is still in progress. We would like to express our condolence to the deceased and sincere sympathy to the bereaved families. We call on all relevant parties to keep calm, deal with the case in legal procedure, and avoid the re-occurrence of illegal violence such as smashing and looting.”

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