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Armies of aggressive ants attack

Armies of aggressive ants attack

Armies of aggressive ants attack
Pictured: Humans and animals alike do everything in their power to protect themselves from aggressive armies of attacking ants.

Marthina Mutanga

Continued attacks by armies of aggressive ants on people and animals in the Omaheke Region prompted the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to launch a special mission to investigate the unusual phenomenon.
One affected person said farmers can no longer live a normal life as most of the time they have to protect themselves by wearing long socks or gumboots because of the continuous attacks by aggressive ants whenever they go outside.
Members of some communities said this is the first time they ever experienced such a phenomenon.
“The ants are in an attack mode and they victimize mostly lambs, calves, dogs and old cows.”
Otjombinde Constituency Councilor, Katjanaa Kaurivi, confirmed that he is aware of the issue since December but only one farmer in the area reported the attacks to his office so far.
The areas affected are De Oupad, Pos 2 and the Otjovakueuva village in the Otjombinde Constituency.
Kaurivi indicated that the Ministry of Agriculture has sent a special investigative team to assess the situation in the Omaheke Region.

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