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Ambunda loses IBO title in the USA

Ambunda loses IBO title in the USA

Aili Iilonga
Paulus Ambunda lost his IBO Super bantamweight title to American youngster Stephen Fulton on points over 12 rounds in a title fight in the United States of America.
With the new title Fulton now holds a record of 16 victories and the IBO Super Bantam Weight Belt to his name.
It has been reported by reports it was Fulton’s biggest fight of his life.
He dominated 38-year-old IBO super bantamweight champion Paulus Ambunda, now former champ, by unanimous scores of 120-107, which included an eighth-round knockdown.
Knowing Ambunda’s experience, Muhammad started feeling comfortable in the third in a controlling performance where one round mirrored the next. Ambunda couldn’t keep up with the faster Fulton, who varied his attack with punishing jabs and looping rights. In the middle rounds, Fulton dropped down and softened the body with wide shots to the ribs. It was a Fulton circling right that dropped Ambunda in the eighth.
Ambunda did go down, put there by a looping right in the eighth round, and got up on some shaky legs. Ambunda kept his career mark of never having been stopped, but Fulton came the closest.
“It was easier than I expected, and Ambunda is a tough competitor,” Fulton said. “I felt in control from the first round on, because he couldn’t get away from the jab. Once I’m able to hit you with the jab, the fight is done. I was waiting to do more, and once I was able to do some extra, he was going down.”
Fulton with his newest victory and a record of 16 undefeated bouts of which he won seven by knock-out now steps into the 122-pound fray as a serious contender.

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