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Abbott left vehicle at Merensky Towers

Abbott left vehicle at Merensky Towers

Abbott left vehicle at Merensky Towers
MYSTERY DEATH: Elna-Marie Abbott._Photo: Contributed

Zorena Jantze

PRELIMINARY investigations have revealed that that Elna-Marie Abbott, the woman whose death is currently at the center of a murder inquiry, yesterday left her VW Golf vehicle at the reception of the Merensky Towers parking lot in Ausspannplatz.

Speaking to Informanté, the distraught receptionist that works at the Merensky Towers stated that Abbott arrived at the building yesterday afternoon around 17:00 and parked her vehicle.

She allegedly left a note with a number at the reception, stating that they should keep her car keys for her, and that a male from South Africa would come collect the vehicle today, at around 10:00.

“She parked her car, walked to the reception area and gave me her car keys. I thought she would book in with us, as it’s a B&B, however, she stated that we should keep the car keys until 10:00 and that we should not call anyone until that time as a gentleman would be arriving from Cape Town to pick it up,” she said.

At the underground parking, detectives inspected the inside of Abbott’s car.

Her belongings were discovered inside, including her cellphone and three bags containing several of her items, including a pajama, other clothing items, books and cosmetics.

Speaking to distraught family members who arrived on the scene, investigators initially speculated that Abbott may have killed herself, a suggestion that her loved ones refuse to accept.

Relatives who spoke to Informanté said that while they too initially thought it was a suicide after news reached them that her decapitated head was found under a train, text messages have emerged that Abbott was being threatened by a male she was in contact with.

“There is no way she would have killed herself in such a manner. Simply no way,” said a distraught family member.

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