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Abbott committed Suicide, family confirms

Abbott committed Suicide, family confirms

GRUESOME SUICIDE: The late Abbott ended her life by lying on the train tracks and waiting for a train to drive over her.

Zorena Jantze

AN investigation into the death of Elna-Marie Abbott, whose body and decapitated head were found next to a railway track and send police on a manhunt as murder was initially suspected, has ruled that the 29-year-old committed suicide.

Speaking to Informanté this afternoon, a disgruntled Elzane Abbott, the younger sister to the deceased, confirmed that the Namibian Police late last night informed her telephonically that her sister was not murdered.

“I was really upset because I first heard the news that it was a suicide on radio. It was after this that I called the police and they told me that the post-mortem results have confirmed that it is a suicide. I’m grieve stricken, I just want to be left alone,” Elzane said.

An attempt to get confirmation from the police were futile as the Head of Public Relations, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi stated that only privileged persons such as family could be given further information on the case.

Abbott’s decapitated body was discovered on the railway tracks next to Hochland Road near the Game Shopping Centre in Windhoek last week Friday, 30 March, by a train conductor.

After her death, it was also revealed that Abbott wrote 10 suicide notes to different family members, as well as a Whatsapp message on a family group, requesting that she be cremated.

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