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A closer look at climate change

A closer look at climate change

Narration, Production and Editing: Samuel Shinedima. Source: Info Namibia

Samuel Shinedima
MANY Namibians can attest to the fact that climate change has become a tangible reality and that weather patterns are indeed changing.
Climate change refers to seasonal changes over a long period of time with respect to the growing accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The debate about the phenomenon locally, is gathering momentum. Tackling this phenomenon is of the utmost importance given the vital role that climate plays in the formation and sustainability of ecosystems which in turn forms the base of amongst others, human civilisation.
Humans in many parts of the world have already experienced and measured the warming of coastal waters, high temperatures, a marked change in rainfall patterns, and an increased intensity and frequency of storms. Rising sea levels and temperatures are expected to be an increasing trend.

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