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Etosha poachers identified, one with prior poaching cases

Etosha poachers identified, one with prior poaching cases

Staff Reporter

ONE of the two suspected rhino poachers killed in a recent shootout at the Etosha border fence near Oshivello was out on bail for two previous poaching cases in the Okahao Court in 2020.

The police identified the two poachers as Iishulu Johannes (30) and Mashuna Timoteus (40) and confirmed that the two were related. The police revealed that Timoteus had no other pending cases against him, while Johannes had a criminal history, with four pending cases, two of which were related to poaching.

Johannes, who was out on bail, faced charges of assault (CR 54/03/2017), housebreaking and theft (CR 11/02/2020), and two rhino poaching cases (CR 40/08/2020; CR 58/10/2020) in Okahao.

The two suspected poachers were shot to death in an exchange of fire with members of the Anti-Poaching Unit in the Etosha National Park on Workers’ Day at the Scorpionbelt, Western Zone, after a patrol of the Anti-Poaching Unit observed shoeprints that had entered the park through the park’s fence. According to the police, the suspects’ tracks were pursued for a distance of 60 km up to a water point where rhinos mostly feed on small shrubs.

It is alleged that when the suspects noticed that they were being pursued, they opened fire on the Anti-Poaching Unit members, resulting in an exchange of fire, and consequently leading to their death.

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