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Over 8 000 households receive Conditional Basic Income grants (CBIG)

Over 8 000 households receive Conditional Basic Income grants (CBIG)

Staff Reporter

THE Ministry of Gender, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare has said that over the past year, a total of 8 225 households consisting of 37 053 people received Conditional Basic Income Grants, formally known as the food bank, across all 14 regions of the country.

This was said by the minister of Gender, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Doreen Sioka whom said that these grant is part of the first phase of the implementation of the Basic Income Grant (BIC) which currently serves the urban and peri-urban poor.

The grant includes a cash transfer of N$600 per household monthly.

The Gender minister in her speech also added that one of the biggest chunks of the ministry’s N$ 7.9 billion will be dedicated to social grants, of which, a total of N$3.9 billion will be earmarked for the provision of social grants to pensioners, Conditional Income Basic Grants to the former Food Bank beneficiaries, Funeral Cover for pensioners and Personnel expenditure.

Sioka said that the allocation falls under the social protection main division six. She added that during 2023/2024 financial year, the Ministry administered a number of (211 460) pensioners who are receiving Social Pension grants, representing a coverage of Ninety-Seven percent (97%) for old-age grant beneficiaries.

Touching on main division seven, Disability affairs, the gender minister said that during the financial year 2023/24, a total of (170) Students with Disabilities were provided with financial support through the Student with Disabilities Grant Programme (SWDGP).

She said that about 240 students are expected to benefit from this Programme during the current Financial Year 2024/2025.

In addition, the Ministry has provided individual support to 941 needy Persons with Severe Disabilities, mostly children with cerebral palsy and Hydrocephalus by providing them with basic supplies such as nappies/diapers, formula milk, prep, bibs, sanitary pads and portable showers and toilets.

The Ministry successfully enabled access to Basic Services in the form of housing, clothing, Wheelchairs, and Disability Grants to about (460) Persons with Disabilities which was conducted through identification and referral cases.

A number total of (50 291) Persons with Disabilities were provided with Disability Grants.

Sioka concluded that a total amount of N$43.5 million is allocated to this Main Division for 2024/2025 Financial Year, inclusive of financial support to Students with Disabilities at Tertiary Institutions, provision of basic commodities to Persons with Severe Disabilities, National Federation of Persons with Disabilities in Namibia (NFPDN) and its affiliated Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), personnel expenditure and subsidy to the National Disability Council of Namibia.

Furthermore, an amount of N$1.5 billion has been budgeted to cover for expenditure of Social Grants for persons with Disabilities (Adults and Children).

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