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Namcor announces suspension of Information Communication and Technology Executive

Namcor announces suspension of Information Communication and Technology Executive

Staff Reporter

THE National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia: NAMCOR has announced the immediate suspension of its Executive: Information Technology Bonifatius Konjore.

Konjore’s suspension comes on the heels of a substantial payment of N$68 million. organisational operations software system that is reported not to be fully functional.

PICTURED: Bonifatius Konjore. Photo Contributed

“The decision to suspend Mr. Konjore is part of an ongoing internal investigation into possible misconduct. It must be noted that this development does not suggest guilt or wrongdoing, but rather a standard procedure to ensure a fair and impartial process. This decision has been made in light of an ongoing internal investigation. It is important to emphasise that Mr. Konjore’s suspension is not indicative of any presumption of guilt or impropriety; rather, it is a standard protocol aimed at ensuring a fair and unbiased inquiry,” the Board of Directors said in a statement.

They further added that the Executive: Finance & Administration Louis du Toit will act in Konjore’s stead.

“Considering that this is an internal matter, NAMCOR refrains from disclosing any specifics or offering comments on ongoing investigations, in line with our internal policy scheme governing employee relations. We assure our stakeholders that appropriate steps are being taken to address this matter swiftly and transparently in the best interests of all parties concerned,” the Board said.

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