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Namibia gears up for historic soccer showdown against Angola

Namibia gears up for historic soccer showdown against Angola

Staff Reporter

THE quietest streets in towns and villages will be staring Namibians in the face as the national soccer team, the Brave Warriors, gear up to face Angola in a highly anticipated soccer clash at 19:00 today.

Today, the streets are likely to echo with rare tranquillity, not a car in sight, as fervent fans claim televisions across the nation to watch the Brave Warriors play the historic last-16 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) match against Angola – a tough opponent they’ve never managed to conquer.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

The journey to this pivotal moment unfolded with suspense as Namibia secured their spot in the last-16 AFCON after a nail-biting draw against Mali on Wednesday. It followed Namibia’s triumph over Tunisia and a loss to South Africa.

The Brave Warriors’ historic qualification for the last 16 AFCON has put the country’s collective focus on them as the nation eagerly awaits the match, ready to witness soccer history in the making again.

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