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Boulter family donates freezer to school in Kunene

Boulter family donates freezer to school in Kunene

Staff Reporter

KEPHAS Muzuma Combined School in Otjokavare, located in the Kunene Region, once again held its annual festive season tradition at the end of November.

This day marked the continuation of their annual tradition, where every learner receives a gift to commemorate the end of the school year and usher in the festive season. These festivities were led by Harvey Boulter, a patron of the school, this year.

According to Boulter, this year’s annual tradition was made even more memorable by the presence of his parents, Eric Boulter (82) and Veronica Boulter (81), who donated a chest freezer to the school. Boulter explained that this donation was inspired by his parents’ recognition of the school’s urgent need to replace its aging main freezer.

This donation is set to arrive next week, further enhancing our school’s facilities. Currently, Kephas Muzuma Combined School caters to 436 learners spanning Grades 1 through 12.

“The day was filled with radiant smiles and laughter, a testament to the joy of Namibia’s children and the vibrant community spirit. My heart swells with pride and gratitude for being embraced as a part of this extraordinary community,” Boulter said.

He also extended his appreciation to the teachers, administrators, cleaners, dormitory wardens, and the local community. He stressed that their collective efforts and unwavering dedication are the pillars that support the school.

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