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Tsumeb invests millions in road maintenance

Tsumeb invests millions in road maintenance

Maria David

THE Tsumeb Municipality has set aside N$2.2 million for the maintenance of roads over the next four months to address the issue of the town’s poor road network.

Town Chief Executive Officer Victoria Kapenda said that maintenance, which already started last week on Leevi Muashekele and Mika Nauyoma, is expected to conclude in February 2024.

According to Kapenda, traffic will be accommodated on the existing road or on temporary deviations.

“The municipality is working hard to maintain our roads,” she said.

The municipality’s leadership indicated that the safety of all road users remains important to them, and every effort will be made to ensure that temporary road signs, cones, flag operations, and speed control are maintained for the safety of road users.

They also urged residents to drive cautiously and work together with the maintenance team for the safety of all.

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