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More rain expected across the interior this weekend

More rain expected across the interior this weekend

Staff Reporter

MORE thundershowers are expected in several interior areas of the country this weekend.

According to the Namibia Meteorological Services, the Khomas and Kavango regions can expect isolated to scattered thundershowers on Saturday, while the Kunene Region will likely experience thundershowers on Sunday. Windhoek has been highlighted as one of the places expecting thundershowers on Saturday.

However, while the weekend’s rain showers are expected to primarily focus on the aforementioned regions, these are not the only areas anticipating thundershowers this weekend.

The Namibia Meteorological Services predicted that, with the exception of the south-western, Kharas, and Zambezi regions, several interior areas might witness isolated to scattered thundershowers on Saturday. Additionally, while Sunday’s rainfall is expected to focus on the North-west, places like Ondangwa in the north-central region could also experience thundershowers on Sunday as well.

This week has already seen widespread rain that touched multiple regions—although it started slowly in some areas before intensifying in the middle of this week. Places such as Okomumbonde, Farm Tsuwandes, Okahua, and Otavi stand out in this regard, as these areas recorded more than 20 millimetres (mm) of rain in a single day at different times during the week.

However, not all areas experienced rainfall exceeding 5mm, let alone 20mm, this week. Still, despite not always being heavy, this week’s rain showers were generally appreciated, prompting many individuals to share photos, videos, and measurements of the rainfall in their respective areas on social media.

This appreciation is well represented by Tsumeb Municipality, which shared videos of the northern town’s recent rainfall on Facebook with the caption “sometimes our blessings come through raindrops”.

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