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Telecom cable theft causes service outages

Telecom cable theft causes service outages

Staff Reporter

TELECOM Namibia has announced that it is currently experiencing service interruptions in its voice and data services in specific areas.

The affected locations include Hochland Park and Khomasdal in Windhoek, Veddersdal in Okahandja, and the Western Business Area in Katima Mulilo. According to the telecommunications company, most services in Hochland Park have been restored after being affected for about two days.

Telecom attributed the service disruption to multiple incidents of copper cable theft. Highlighting the direct correlation between infrastructure vandalism and service interruptions, Telecom’s management team urged the public to report any suspicious activities near telecommunications facilities to the Namibian Police or the nearest Telecom Namibia office.

“We again urge all to please report any suspicious behaviour regarding copper cable theft and the sabotage of our network, particularly around Telecom Namibia’s manholes. Copper is being sold to second-hand dealers given the value of the copper price. We have engaged NamPol to accelerate the prevention of copper theft and the sabotage of our network. We have also engaged lawmakers to classify copper theft and sabotage as a serious offence to curb and eliminate the constant sabotage of our network,” Telecom said.

Telecom recognized the essential role their network services play in the daily lives of individuals and businesses, expressing apologies for any inconvenience caused. The company affirmed its commitment to working diligently to resolve the issue.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work diligently towards resolving the issue,” telecom added.

For inquiries or concerns related to the matter, the public is encouraged to reach out to Telecom Namibia’s Customer Contact Centre at 11000. Alternatively, concerns and queries can be communicated via WhatsApp at 085 211 1111 or through email at

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