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THE Trustco NTA Junior Masters tennis tournament, held on November 3rd and 4th, 2023, once again proved itself as the pinnacle of junior tennis events on the annual calendar. Presented by Trustco Group Holdings (Trustco) and the Namibia Tennis Association (NTA), the Trustco NTA Junior Masters stands as an exclusive gathering, revered among the top qualifying junior players of Namibia. This esteemed occasion is invitation-only, with players earning their spot based on ranking points accumulated throughout the year.

Following an intense first round of matches, the official start of this annual event unfolded on a lovely Friday evening at the Central Tennis Courts in Windhoek. During the ceremony, Lucky Gawanab, the vice president of the NTA, expressed gratitude towards Trustco for their unwavering support. “As a tennis association, we are deeply honoured to have the steadfast backing of our main sponsor, Trustco. You have been walking this journey with us for years now. The progress of junior tennis owes much to your genuine support. Thank you once again,” she shared.

The competitive spirit of junior tennis was palpable under the scorching sun on Saturday afternoon, as the action on the court heated up as well. The top-ranked players settled their scores for the final time this year, the balance of power constantly shifting over the past few months. Players spanning from under 10 to under 18, across various age and gender groups, took part in the event.

“At our previous Trustco NTA Junior tournament held in September, we witnessed a fresh crop of junior talents. Yes, a few seemed a bit bashful at their early success on the medal podium today, but every single one of them deserves their accolades. Congratulations to all the players! Each and every one of you gave it your all, and that dedication was evident on the courts all weekend. We extend our gratitude to the NTA for once again teaming up with us in nurturing the growth of junior tennis in Namibia,” remarked Neville Basson, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Trustco.

Daniël du Toit, Chairperson of Junior Tennis Namibia, reflected, “It continues to be a privilege to stand alongside Trustco Group in ensuring that junior tennis remains at the forefront of junior sports in Namibia. This partnership allows us to cultivate tennis from its very roots, reaching communities far and wide across the country. Trustco, thank you – we are inspired by the knowledge that we have your steadfast support,” she concluded.

Under 10 Boys
1st Shafishuna Shimali
2nd Breyton Bezuidenhout
3rd Christiaan du Plessis

Under 10 Girls
1st Janice Bezuidenhout
2nd Roze van Wyk
3rd Niamey Marcus
Under 12 Boys
1st Johan Theron
2nd De Witt Bergh
3rd Tadiwa Mombeyarara

Under 12 Girls
1st Emma Brinkmann
2nd Linda Alemu
3rd Erica Nakusera

Under 14 Boys
1st Lian Kuhn
2nd Luan Brand
3rd Abraham Alemu

Under 14 Girls
1st Minenhle Moyo
2nd Mari van Schalkwyk
3rd Joanivia Bezuidenhout

Under 16 Boys
1st Ruben Yssel
2nd Eduan Scholliji
3rd Ruan Calitz

Under 16 Girls
1st Leandre Louw
2nd Susanna van der Walt
3rd Anelmie Herholdt

Under 18 Boys
1st Sarel Janse van Rensburg
2nd Oliver Leicher
3rd Dian Calitz

Under 18 Girls
1st Larushka Kruger
2nd Jamilla Hungamo

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