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Mbumba calls for an end to USA’s embargo against Cuba

Mbumba calls for an end to USA’s embargo against Cuba

Staff Reporter

VICE President Nangolo Mbumba reiterated Namibia’s position on the United States of America’s (USA) economic and financial embargo against Cuba, emphasizing the need to cease this unilateral blockade as it hinders economic and social progress.

“Namibia reiterates that the imposition of coercive economic measures, including unilateral sanctions by some countries does not contribute to economic and social development,” the vice president said.

He made these remarks at the G77+China Summit, which recently took place in Cuba. The summit took place under the theme “Current Development Challenges: Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation.”
“We continuously call on the international community, particularly the G77+ China to stand in solidarity with those that are unfairly targeted and continue rejecting such measures, as they are an obstacle to the advancement of science, technology and innovation,” Vice President Mbumba said.

He added that Namibia reaffirms its commitment to work with Cuba to ensure that the concerted efforts of the G77+China Summit contribute to building consensus in the realization of our legitimate aspirations as developing nations.

“Namibia reiterates the need for continued unity of the G77+China in the spirit of multilateralism, in order to overcome the emerging challenges of the contemporary world,” he added.

This comes just a few weeks after President Hage Geingob also spoke out against the sanctions imposed on Cuba by the USA during Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s State Visit to Namibia in August. In this case, the president also stressed Namibia’s profound gratitude and unwavering solidarity with Cuba, especially considering their sacrifices in the struggle for Namibia’s freedom.

While making Namibia’s stance regarding Cuba’s blockade clear, the Vice President also called for the removal of one-sided and coercive measures against Venezuela. Vice President Mbumba emphasized that these measures pose the most significant impediment to the successful realization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and run counter to the promotion of social advancement, as envisioned in the preamble to the United Nations Charter.

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