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LGBTQI+ Sovereignty

LGBTQI+ Sovereignty

Chris Jacobie –Flipside
Namibians are better than the chaotic shouting match between LGBTQI+ – activists and anarchists and religious fundamentalists mainly on social media platforms.

While good people from both sides are destroying each other by threat and incitement, the rest of the nation, by far the majority, wander from town to town, village to village, farm to farm, house to house and end up on the sidewalks and parking lots to survive.

Although it might seem that there are only losers after a social media-abused Supreme Court verdict, directing the government to recognize the validity of same sex marriages that have been concluded outside Namibia, the one winner is the Namibian judiciary.

The judiciary confirmed its independence and again enhanced the reputation of the nation as a rule- and law-based society.
The “gay-marriage controversy” is created from outside Namibian borders, but like unemployment, development, education, health and poverty, it will only be solved by Namibians within its borders.

Now more than ever, Namibians must unite behind their democratic and constitutional values and protect their sovereignty from the ultra-right and the ultra-left groups that will abuse any opportunity to take root in Namibia under the pretence of civil society participation.

Experience has taught Namibians that many societies, organisations or groups of people are driven by individuals who are neither civil nor representative, but will pursue their own interests and will not hesitate to enforce it as a tyranny of a minority over the silent majority.

To be Namibian is to tolerate the right to pursue happiness of oneself and those of others for each of enjoy their own independence that the Constitution meant to achieve.

It is a long way, but the long walk to nationhood starts with small steps. It’s a march that is relentless and must be relentless because the destination is the Namibian nation and whoever wants to be known as a Namibian.

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