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UK still concerned about large number of Namibian asylum seekers

UK still concerned about large number of Namibian asylum seekers

Staff Reporter

THE British High Commissioner to Namibia, Charles Moore, once again expressed concerns about the increasing number of Namibians seeking asylum in the United Kingdom (UK).

Moore revealed that the UK continues to witness a significant influx of Namibian individuals seeking asylum for various reasons, including fear of harassment and persecution in Namibia. However, he said that the majority of these cases lack valid grounds for seeking asylum.

“They can claim asylum on a number of grounds, but once their asylum claims are assessed, we determine whether or not there is a ground for asylum and the vast majority of cases there are no grounds for asylum. So, you know we understand that some people see Britain for a potential for a better life in the UK for economic enhancement. So, people go for a number of reasons,” he explained.

File photos for illustrative purposes only. Photo: UNHCR

Moore emphasized that the UK remains highly concerned about this situation, particularly due to the unchanging number of Namibians seeking asylum in the country.

He added that the UK is actively working to address the issue and is involving the Namibian Government to identify the reasons behind the high number of asylum seekers from Namibia. However, he confirmed that no decisions regarding this matter have been made thus far.

” No decisions have been taken just yet, but we’re still quite concerned about the numbers of asylum seekers coming to the UK,” he said.
Moore’s sentiments are not new, as he had previously expressed similar concerns amid rumours of the UK’s intention to deport Namibians. In a tweet, he later clarified that the UK treats all asylum applications equally, and Namibia is no exception. He emphasized that Namibia is a safe and democratic country where nobody should feel compelled to flee from.

“The UK warmly welcomes the majority of Namibians who comply with our immigration rules, but hundreds are now in breach of those rules by overstaying, or by their asylum claims being found groundless. It is they who must return to this safe and stable democracy,” he tweeted earlier this year.

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