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Temperatures set to plummet in the South from Thursday

Temperatures set to plummet in the South from Thursday

Staff Reporter

THE South is expected to become progressively colder from Thursday, before the cold weather moves northwards by next week.

This was forecasted by Namibia Meteorological Services, which anticipated that Wednesday might be the South’s final warm day for a while. According to this forecast, most places in the interior of the country can expect partly cloudy and warm to hot conditions on Wednesday, while the coast will likely be cloudy and cool to mild with fog patches.

While the coast, particularly Walvis Bay, can expect these cloudy and foggy conditions to persist until at least Friday, some parts of the southern interior of the country will experience a drastic change in temperature between Wednesday and Thursday.

For instance, Namibia Meteorological Services predicted that some locations in the South – specifically the Hardap and //Kharas regions – will likely be on the warmer side on Wednesday, with minimum temperatures ranging between 12°C and 14°C, and maximum temperatures ranging between 26° and 31°C.

However, temperatures in the South are expected to decrease significantly the following day. According to Namibia Meteorological Services, the //Kharas Region can expect “cold, wet, and windy” conditions on Thursday. Keetmanshoop was highlighted as one of the towns in the region that will be cold, before a few rain showers occur in the town.

This cold weather is expected to spread to the rest of the South by Sunday and will likely persist into the following week. It was also forecasted that the South’s cold arctic air will move northwards next week. The Namibia Meteorological Services, therefore, advises crop and small stock farmers to take the necessary precautions.

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