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Chris Jacobie-Flipside
THE 94th Birthday of the Founding Father, Dr. Sam Nujoma, is a time of celebration, reflection of goodwill and appreciation of the unwavering journey of nationhood that is sometimes bumpy, but unstoppable.
The most remarkable feature of President Nujoma is that he is the last African legend standing and has transformed from arguably the most hated to one of the most endeared of the Namibian nation, the African Continent and the SADC-region.
If Namibians seem divided on every and anything they are unquestionably united in their respect and appreciation that developed and strengthened over years promoting him from leader to national symbol of unity.

Being the commander in chief of PLAN in the difficult times for all sides of the Liberation war and President of Swapo for his political adversaries he remains the most unshakeable example for staying true to his passion for justice and freedom, leading the fight and having paid the sacrifices for sovereignty, but stayed the course of nationhood.
Limited space will not allow justice being done to his international and local accolades, but space allows Namibians to remind themselves of the privilege of having the founding father and his successors still living amongst them as beacons that remain fixed for the journey that will propel Namibia to its destiny that is so deserved, because peace and prosperity is always hard earned.
The two lives and the leadership of President Nujoma cannot be better demonstrated by the Heroes Acre monument visible from the hilltops to the Independence monument with the Founding Father where the constitution replaced the gun in a raised hand.
History will in the end give a final verdict of a giant who had to challenge forces from outside and within and stay the Independence course where Nujoma was called a “terrorist” and a “liberator” by different sides.
But the present and his 94th birthday appreciates him as a special Namibian citizen who dwells amongst his people and like all Namibians are happiest amongst family, friends, everyday people and the beauty of natural diversity.
Of all the Nujoma qualities, Namibians should celebrate the way he removed suspicion and even with their differences created trust amongst Namibians with and end to the war, the writing of the constitution and overseeing the immensely difficult task of the first constitutional amendment extending his term. This anchored democracy and limited future presidential terms that is slowly becoming the norm in Africa.
His ability to manage his succession, which at times could have created great uncertainty, solidly placed Namibia on the road to sovereignty, justice and dignity for all, because the father of the nation showed dignity, respect and justice to others before demanding it first.
It is an honour for Namibians to celebrate their living legends as national assets and a privilege no other nation has.
President Nujoma is one of the many stones needed for a strong and unshakeable foundation of the Namibian house.
At 94 President Nujoma deserves to enjoy and be endeared in the Namibian house whose foundations he assisted in digging from the trenches of battlefields.
Happy Birthday Founding Father.

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