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I want to become a teacher!

I want to become a teacher!

Staff reporter

THE recent Namibia Careers Expo made it clear to the Institute for Open Learning that many learners are yearning to study teaching as a profession and thus continue their contribution to the development of Namibia’s education sector.

Kayleen Roux, IOL’s student counsellor, had the opportunity to connect with more than 2500 learners during the course of the expo and reflected on the experience. “As an exhibitor at a career expo, my goal is to engage with students and provide them with valuable insights into IOL and the opportunities we offer. I believe in creating a dialogue with students, listening to their interests and aspirations, and providing them with personalised information that can help them make informed decisions about their future.”

Roux says that it is important to try to provide them with a realistic picture of what to expect in their chosen careers, including the challenges they may face and the rewards they can expect. “I also encourage them to ask me any questions they have about IOL, the industry, or the NQA accredited courses we offer.”

She also said that she wants learners to leave an expo feeling excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and confident in their ability to achieve their goals.

IOL’s Head of Education, Ilana Calitz, shares the advantages of attending career expos with future students.

“Career expos provide school learners with exposure to various career options, allowing them to identify their interests, strengths, and skills for selecting a career path they will enjoy and excel in. Learners can interact with professionals from different fields to gain valuable insights into their work, education, training requirements, job prospects, and challenges and rewards of their respective careers. Additionally, attending a career expo is an opportunity for learners to expand their network of contacts, learn about potential job opportunities or internships, gain knowledge and information about various industries and careers, and develop soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills.”

“Visiting a career expo can also be a source of inspiration for learners by seeing how people have succeeded in their chosen careers, which can motivate them to work hard and pursue their goals. They can gain valuable advice and guidance from professionals who have faced similar challenges and overcome them, thus providing learners with the confidence to achieve their aspirations.”

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