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Ruacana Easter games this weekend

Ruacana Easter games this weekend

Maria David

SPORT continues to bring Namibians from all walks of life together.

Thus, a decade of athletic events are anticipated to be hosted by the Ruacana Town Council from 7–10 April 2023.

Simaneka Nendongo, the chairperson of the organizing committee, stated that they have gotten a sizable number of different sporting activities.

In addition, 76 vendors, according to him, have registered to conduct business while the events are being hosted.

Nendongo said that there are 10 teams for veterans and 36 teams in the youth division of soccer that have registered.

“For volleyball and netball, we have 10 teams signed up; for basketball, we have about 8 teams.

The number of teams that enrolled, according to him, is encouraging given how many people were impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, which had a negative economic impact on many of them.

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