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Thousands turn-up for Independence celebration

Thousands turn-up for Independence celebration

Maria David

NAMIBIA’S independence celebrations which were attended by close to 30 000 people saw a sense unity, in that for the first time since independence, ordinary Namibians were served in the VIP tent after President Geingob instructed the VIPs to forgo their meals.

This is after the attendance surpassed the expectations of many which resulted in the president asking VIP’s to allow the ordinary man on the street to take their meals and their sits as they, the VIP’S could afford to their own lunches.

As they gathered at the Olufuko Centre in Outapi to celebrate Independence Day, thousands of Namibians waved their flags.



Children of all ages, seniors, and officials, including governors from Angola, were present.

The celebration began with colourful parades, moved into a fly-by of planes painted in the colours of the Namibian flag, and ended with a free fall.

A choreography of people from different cultures showcasing diversity and unity best portrayed the entire festivity.

Delivering his keynote address, President Hage Geingob, said they honour the courageous men and women who took it upon themselves to preserve their independence from tyranny and colonial persecution as they remember this historic day.

“We appreciate these brave sons and daughters,” he said.

Geingob said they express their gratitude to these brave sons and daughters, who ranged in age from young to elderly, from soldiers to clergy, instructors to students, business people to employees, athletes to artists, and those who were on the home front to those who were in exile.

“These liberation fighters, some of them gave their lives for the cause, all contributed significantly to the conflict and made it possible for Namibians to achieve independence and sovereignty,” Geingob said.

He added that as a result, their unflinching resolve altered the course of the Namibian people’s history.

Geingob added that they also recognize the crucial role played by the allied African countries, led by the OAU/Liberation Committee and the Frontline States, as well as the international organizations, such as the United Nations and the United Nations Council for Namibia, the former Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, the Scandinavian nations, and many others.

As a result, the courageous daughters and valiant sons have written the declaration of the freedom in their blood.

Hence, Geingob said that others who came before them had to die for it in order for many to exist today as free and independent Namibians.

“Thus, Namibians must never lose sight of it. “Never should we lose sight of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,” the president said.

Further to this, Geingob advised them to steadfastly work toward their economic emancipation while they celebrate the gift of freedom and sovereignty.

He continued, “We should try to put the public good above personal interest, bias, or prejudices.”

Furthermore, he advised them to foster the positive qualities of their national identity and understand that the only way they could continue their progress is by banding together and moving forward as a unit.

“We should all take responsibility for making improvements wherever there are issues since doing so is our civic obligation and because this is the only place on earth that we can call home,” he added.

Erginus Endjala, governor of Omusati, implored Namibians to never forget to honour the fallen fighters for freedom.

He urged Namibians to embrace life’s celebrations without reservation.


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