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Chris Jacobie – Flipside

WHETHER it is by providence, vision or sheer luck, the Olufuko Centre at Outapi in the Omusati Region is the best place to remind Namibians of the gift of sovereignty.

The northern frontier areas from Ngoma in the Zambezi Region to the pristine Kunene mouth, today is the frontier of survival, resilience and development on every scale imaginable.

In a world of information technology carpet bombing, an insatiable craving for attention and populist recognition blurred the line between real and fake reality.

It is easy to forget that the foundations of independence and freedom of any sort was born and pursued from bloody conflicts, where gardens and modest food security projects today camouflage unmarked graves and huge tragedies.

For Namibians in general and communities at the tip of the sword, it is impossible to forget the brutality of war and curfews and not appreciate the luxury of today. It is better to pass small traders and vendors displaying the fruit of their labour and modest march to financial independence on the sides of newly developed roads that were minefields not too long ago.

The youth, those that were born in peace 35-years ago, will do well to wave their hands in a silent salute wherever they pass them by because they are the ones from whom humility and hospitality streams like the sweat from their brows to feed and to survive the harsh Namibia.

The Outapi Independence celebration is the welcome break and invitation for Namibians to reconnect with everything that makes – by far – the reasonable Namibian majority.

The Outapi celebration is an opportunity to remember freedom and nationhood where only a free people roam freely.

Namibian freedom that was attained from the trenches of the frontiers is not worth appreciating if the most humble of human endeavour is not rewarded and maintained.

That is not a government or political function. It is a call to national duty from all corners of this land of the brave.

Of all the great achievements of Namibians, there is none greater than independence and for that the Nujoma/Pohamba/Geingob-leadership legacy must be celebrated.

Outapi, as a special place in the history of the ages, where trees are older than civilization, deserves that very honour.

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