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RFA aids flood affected regions

RFA aids flood affected regions

Maria David

THE Road Fund Administration (RFA) contributed N$600 000 to help the three northern regions hit by the floods.

As part of the response to the flood, an amount of N$200 000 will be distributed to the Oshana, Omusati, and Ohangwena regions.

The destruction brought on by the flood is a common concern for the RFA, according to Chief Executive Officer Ali Iipinge.

Iipinge said that as a government agency charged with providing funding and maintaining the nation’s road infrastructure, they have a moral and social obligation to assist the affected communities.

He said that over the previous six years, RFA has contributed more than N$15 million to various corporate social investment initiatives and programs around the nation in the areas of youth and sports development, education and training, and water and sanitation.

“This donation might not be enough, but it will undoubtedly benefit our people,” he said.

He added that they are aware that floodwater ruins roads, disrupts livelihoods by uprooting communities, destroys subsistence crops, and interferes with education because of the proximity of the schools.

Further, Iipinge indicated that they are aware that the effects of the flood will take time to overcome long after the water has subsided.

Elia Irimari (Oshana), Walde Ndevashiya (Ohangwena), and Erginus Endjala (Omusati), the three governors, thanked RFA for their assistance to flood victims and praised their efforts.

They indicated that the impact caused by floodwater is huge, and government alone can not address the matter.

They ensured RFA that the funds will be put to good use and for the intended purpose.

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