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Man dies in a failed carjacking at Oshakati

Man dies in a failed carjacking at Oshakati

Staff Reporter

A CARJACKING attempt took an unexpected turn at Oshakati last night, leaving one of the suspected criminals dead while others had to flee the scene, but the vehicle owner was left without a scratch.

The Namibian police in the Oshana Region are putting pieces of information together to get the full picture of what really transpired when a still unidentified man was fatally stabbed in what appears to be either an attempted carjacking or a failed armed robbery.

It is alleged that a vehicle owner gave a lift to an acquaintance who was accompanied by two others and they drove from Oshakati to the direction of Okatana/Onawa when the passengers, suddenly, attacked the driver.

The resultant scuffle led to one of the suspected robbers being stabbed with a knife. He died moments later due to loss of blood. The other suspects fled the scene under the cover of darkness.

The police have yet to establish how exactly the deceased was stabbed and by whom.

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