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Oshana team to participate in Rössing marathon

Oshana team to participate in Rössing marathon

Maria David

TWENTY athletes from team Oshana are expected to participate in the Swakopmund Rössing marathon.

The marathon is slated for this Saturday, and will take place in the Erongo Region.

Sport officer, Toini Kasheeta, said the team consists of six girls and 14 boys, who will participate in the 10km, 21km and 42km run.

According to her, the team usually takes part in the marathon, however, they do it individually.

PICTURED: Team Oshana head to Erongo Region for the Rössing Marathon set for Saturday.

“We saw it fitting that we look for sponsorship for our time, and Rössing Foundation Ondangwa came on board with sport gear and accommodation needed,” she said.

She added that this is being done with the hope of exposing Oshana runners to such competitions, hoping they can one day represent the country internationally.

Kasheeta indicated that the sponsorship by Rossing Foundation is commendable, as they are investing in the future of a Namibian child.

“Government alone cannot achieve the set targets of uplifting the Namibian child, hence it is only possible if corporates come on board as well,” she added.

Rossing Foundation Executive Director Uparura Kuvare said the purpose of the grant is to unlock talent from rural-based athletes for potential economic opportunities.

Kuvare added that this is also done to expose Namibian youth to the modest competition value chain.

As Rossing Foundation, Kuvare indicated that they are committed to support the development of youth in the communities which they operate.

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