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Uranium One supports soccer and netball teams in Leonardville

Uranium One supports soccer and netball teams in Leonardville

Staff Reporter

THE Russian-owned mining group, Uranium One, donated netball and soccer equipment to two teams in Leonardville.
The donation was made through the mining group’s subsidiary company, Headspring Investments, to the ‘Kom Haal Hulle’ soccer team and the ‘Senior Ladies’ netball team.

The Chairman of the soccer team, Justus Awa-Eiseb, said that the sponsorship is evidence that Uranium One is committed to the community in which they operate. He said that this is the first sponsorship received by the soccer club, emphasising that it could not have come at a better time.

SUPPORTED: The soccer and netball teams accepting the handover of the equipment. Photo: Uranium One.

“We have to start preparing for a major soccer tournament that the Leonardville Village Council is planning. With this sponsorship we can start practicing with proper equipment, which will prepare the players better,” Awa-Eiseb said.

The coach of the Senior Ladies netball team, Jasmien van Neel, also expressed her appreciation for the sponsorship, stressing that “this is the first time in Leonardville’s history that any sports team receives a sponsorship”. She added that the sponsorship will allow the team to participate in more tournaments, which will empower them to become better netball players.

“For us this is big, as we received shoes, netball balls and other equipment,” van Neel said.
Besides the equipment donation, Uranium One said that they will also cover travel and entry costs when the teams attend tournaments next year.

“The community of Leonardville is so positive that they try their best to look after themselves, but to also participate at events outside their village. It is a privilege for us to be in a position to make a change in people’s lives”, Uranium One’s Public Relation’s Officer, Vanessa Bohitile, said.


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