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Esau’s health concerns leads to postponement of bail bid

Esau’s health concerns leads to postponement of bail bid

Samuel Shinedima

FORMER fisheries minister, Bernhardt Esau, and Sacky Shanghala’s assistant, Nigel van Wyk, could not proceed with their bail application again today, after the lawyers requested that their client, Esau, be taken to the hospital for medical a checkup.

One of the lawyers in the matter, Florian Beukes said that during the consultation, his client could not provide proper instructions to him.
“During the consultation, it appeared that he was not responsive, lethargic and weak, so he could not give me the proper instructions. Therefore, we arranged for Mr. Esau to be taken to a hospital or a medical practitioner to determine his health status and give us report on whether he will be able to proceed this week,” he added.



Beukes however said Esau called him in the morning saying that he was doing better than yesterday and that he was ready to proceed, although proper instructions could not be obtained from him.

“As soon as we get the medical check up report tomorrow, we will be able to proceed, but of course depending on his condition” he concluded
Last week, the 65-year-old Esau was hospitalized at the Lady Pohamba hospital for observation, after being moved from the Roman Catholic Hospital where he was receiving medical attention.

The former Fisheries minister, who has been behind bars since his arrest in 2019, is being charged with Ricardo Gustavo, former justice minister Sacky Shanghala, former Investec Namibia managing director James Hatuikulipi and Tamson Hatuikulipi, for fraud, bribery, money laundering and conspiring to commit corruption.

Some of the accused men who face similar charges in the matter are Fishcor’s former CEO Mike Nghipunya, Pius Mwatelulo, Phillipus Mwapopi, Otniel Shuudifonya and Nigel van Wyk.

Their case will go to trial in October this year, after all the accused men were denied bail.

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