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City of Windhoek Management Council Elections postponed to Thursday

City of Windhoek Management Council Elections postponed to Thursday

Staff Reporter

A FOURTH attempt to elect two additional members of the City of Windhoek’s Management Committee failed once more, after the Mayor of the City of Windhoek, Joseph Uapingene, requested that the meeting be postponed to Thursday, 2 March 2023.

“We postponed the meeting to this day, with the aspirations that we would have solved outstanding issues to elect the two remaining members of MC. At two o’clock councillors caucused for the last time, but we could not reach 100% as planned. But what I can assure His Worship is that we have moved from zero to 50%. Can we ask for a postponement till the 2nd of March? Once we come on the second, we will be sure to elect the remaining members of the management committee,” Uapingene requested.

This request was heeded to with frustration by Magistrate Alweendo Venatius.

“It seems that council did not get their house in order according to the mayor. When I was here, I seriously warned that I would not tolerate being called here before the council got their issues in order. I will only come here once you put your house in order. Don’t even make any mistake to call us, before you call your house into order,” Venatius warned.

In carrying out this mandate, the mayor is assisted by five Management Committee members, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and heads of the political arm of the city. To date, only three members of the Management Committee have been elected, with parties failing to reach a consensus to elect the remaining two members.

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