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After the floodings, drought!

After the floodings, drought!

Staff Reporter

FEBRUARY is known in Oshiwambo as “Kwenyekwakula” which literally means “the month of a major dry spell”.
True to its name, this month has been characterized by a prolonged dry spell that threatens to undo whatever subsistence farmers have done since the start of the rainy season.

The young mahangu plants are on the verge of drying up after about four weeks without rain.
“A February dry spell is normal, but it normally lasts only one or two weeks without any negative effects on the crops. However, the February dry spells we experienced in recent years are abnormal,” said Steve Kamati who is originally from Oluteyi in the Omusati Region but who is employed at Oshakati.

“I visited the village this past weekend and what I saw is reason for concern,” he said.
Elderly Victoria Johannes of Engela constituency said that part of her mahangu field was submerged in floodwater as recently as two weeks ago, but now the young plants on the other part of the field are drying up due to lack of rain.

“I can’t remember when last it rained here, but it was definitely a fairly long time ago,” she said.

Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: File

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