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Kasheeta to join South African football club

Kasheeta to join South African football club

Maria David

LILIE Kasheeta will be joining a South Africa based football club MSASA to pursue her passion for football.

This something that has been in the blood of the 23-year-old, since she was just 12 years old while being raised around the soccer pitch but never in her wildest dream did she think the passion would one day turn into an opportunity of a life time.

The young footballer, was inspired by her late brother Jona junior kasheeta, while her father was the coach for Vietnam Rangers, and would always take her along to his training sessions.

Kasheeta later started joining the training sessions, until it grew on her.

ASPIRING: 23-year-old Lillie Kasheeta to join South African football-based team.

“Sports is my passion, something I loved doing ever since I was a little girl,” she said.

She added that if one loves the game, they put in every effort, dedication and need commitment to strive.

“The only person who can tell you that you can never win is yourself, but should never stop trying,” she noted.

Kasheeta narrated how her football journey started at her tender age while in Oshakati, before moving to Windhoek where she joined Windhoek city girls FC and gradually settled with Right way fc (RWFC) in 2017.

According to her, she made her first national team debut for the national team u20 after competing in an international friendly against Eswatin.

In the same year, Kasheeta also played for the same team against South Africa in the u20 World Cup qualifiers under Coach Teles Mbakera.

In 2018, she among the u20 squad that travelled to Botswana for the youth games.

In 2022, she made her first senior National team squad (Cosafa) under Paulus Shipanga.

Kasheeta, who is currently given an opportunity to play for the South African team now has to raise N$10 000 to make her dream a reality.

She is expected to be in Durban by the 28th of February.

Those willing to assist can contact the young footballer on +264 81 610 1207.

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