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Murder accused’s laptop give up secrets

Murder accused’s laptop give up secrets

Samuel Shinedima

AN investigation on the work computer of Shannon Wasserfall’s murder accused, Azaan Madisia, found a suspicious search history that suggests premeditation on the murder case.

This is after Sergeant Robert Iipuleni from the Namibian Police testified that he was tasked to investigate the accused’s gadgets and he went to the extent of looking at the accused’s browsing history.

Iipuleni recounted that, according to the search history on the accused’s computer, a search on ‘at what temperature do human bones burn to ashes’ was done on 5 April 2020.

On 10 April 2020, the deceased disappeared and a report of a missing person was subsequently registered with the Namibian Police.
He further revealed that another search on ‘how long do forensic reports take in Namibia’ was done in the early hours of 7 October 2020, followed by another search on ‘how does MTC trace a number’, which was done shortly before the arrest of the accused in the afternoon hours of 7 October 2020.


PICTURED: Murder trial accused, Azaan Madisia and Steven Mulundu. Photo: Samuel Shinedima


The accused was arrested after the deceased’s father received a text message that directed him to the location of the deceased’s body. The same text was later sent to the Namibian Police. This was six months after the disappearance of the deceased.

Another state witness, Toivo Kandiwapa Neliwa, testified that he had a close relationship with both the deceased and her boyfriend, Petrus Shoopala. Neliwa testified that he knew the deceased through her best friend, Emma, and that the accused’s boyfriend was his colleague.

Neliwa further testified that at the beginning of the month of April 2020, the deceased allegedly complained to him about the relationship between the accused and the deceased’s boyfriend, and he purportedly advised the deceased to sit and talk to the boyfriend about it.

When questioned by the court on Madisia’s and Shoopala’s relationship, Neliwa said “the two were very close. The accused used to drop the deceased’s boyfriend off at work, bring him lunch to work and picked him up from work when we knocked off”.

Neliwa further told the court that a few days after he told the deceased to talk with her boyfriend about her problem, he allegedly met the deceased and the accused while they were shopping together at Spar. He then asked the deceased “why would you hang out with someone you are having a problem with”, and the deceased allegedly looked at him and smiled.

Madisia is being tried on the allegations of murder, together with her brother, Steven Mulundu, after the two have purportedly conspired to dispose of the deceased’s body in 2020. Wasserfall, who was missing for six months before her lifeless body was discovered in a shallow grave in the dunes, was only 21 at the time.


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