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Superstar Warthog Shatters Political Populists Reality

Superstar Warthog Shatters Political Populists Reality

By concerned pig-citizen activist

THE sleeping warthog of Elisenheim that was revealed this week by Informantè Facebook is an international media sensation, with requests from media outlets of Great Britain and the USA to share Informantè story and photos.

The warthog has endeared herself to Namibians.

With the exception of the President, Dr Hage Geingob, the sleeping beauty warthog of Elisenheim have put the Namibian political activists posturing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to shame, with 287 969 people reached, 67 534 engagements, 1 400 comments and 785 shares in just one day.

According to the 2019 Presidential Election results, “sleeping beauty” would have come in way behind Dr Geingob, who had 464 703 votes, but would have beaten the IPC-Swapo breakaway of Dr Panduleni Ithulany with at least 40 000 votes and the aspiring president, PDM’s McHenry Venaani, who only got 43 959 in four places, by at least 244 000 votes.

Political analyst points out that, according to common sense and confirmed by Artificial Intelligence, the Elisenheim warthog would have been the official opposition if it was a political party.

Namibians of all walks of life are reporting a sighting of the most famous Elisenheim pig family as four little piglets are allegedly often observed close to the scene of the “Pig burglary, proving the saying that animals, like criminals, almost always return to the scene of their crime.

Facebook followers and admirers of “sleeping beauty Warthog of Elisenheim” are invited to send in pictures of the warthog and her family.

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