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Child drowns while parents were socializing at nearby shebeens

Child drowns while parents were socializing at nearby shebeens

Staff Reporter
A TRAGIC death of a three-year-old girl on Tuesday was followed by a chain of incidents that revealed a terrible level of child neglect and unprecedented acts of bravery by small kids.
A three-year-old girl drowned in a water pond in the presence of two other kids who proceeded to remove the body from the water while their parents were socializing at nearby shebeens.
To make matters worse, the parents returned home in the evening and proceeded to their bedroom without checking on their three children.
The incident occurred in the Oluhalu village in the Tsandi constituency of the Omusati Region between 16:00 and 19:00 Tuesday.
According to the police, the deceased child was left in the parent’s homestead with two other kids, aged five and eight respectively, when their parents went to local shebeens.
They left at around 16:00 and only returned approximately four hours later.
It is alleged that when the parents left, the three kids sneaked out of the house and went swimming in a nearby one-metre deep water pond.
The youngest of the three, Martha Aminyela, drowned.
The oldest kid sped to a neighbouring house, but he only found two female kids aged three and six.
He requested them to assist with the removal of the body from the water.
The kids managed to remove the deceased girl from the water, carried the lifeless body to the house, laid it on a bed and covered it with a blanket.
“Upon the return of the parents from the cuca shops at around 20:00, they found two of the kids playing outside their sleeping room. Since it was raining, the parents only shouted at the two kids to stop playing in the rain. They got inside their sleeping room while the parents also proceeded to their sleeping room and slept,” said the police in the incident report.
It is further alleged that the two kids slept on one bed while the deceased was on the other bed in the same room. Only early Wednesday morning did the kids break the sad news to their parents.
Said the police: “They woke up their parents at around 6:00 and reported the matter to their mother.”

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