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Road users given amnesty on traffic tickets

Road users given amnesty on traffic tickets

Maria David

THE Namibian police have given road users an early Christmas gift announcing that from 1 November 2022 to 31 January 2023 road users will be given a chance to settle their traffic tickets without prosecution.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo said the warrants of arrests issued over the years are 348 438 and all those warrant of arrests on motorists traffic offenders, were still to be executed.

However, Shikongo said that no one will be arrested during the festive season until the amnesty period is over.

“The National Criminal Justice Forum took cognisance of various factors such as the financial burden on motorists’ traffic offenders to pay bail upon arrests and defend their cases in court,” he said.

He added that therefore, an Amnesty period was declared on warrant of arrests for motorists’ traffic offenders.

Shikongo indicated that the set amnesty is for all the members of the public with pending traffic warrants of arrests, urging the public to ensure that they pay their admission of guilt fines within the three months period.

Shikongo stated that this can be done at the nearest Magistrates’ Courts from Mondays to Fridays, during the period of Amnesty, without appearing in Court.

“Therefore, members of the public are hereby encouraged to enquire on possible outstanding or status of warrants of their arrests at the Magistrates Offices and traffic offices within the magisterial district, where the tickets were issued,” he said.

Shikongo then appealed to members of the public to make use of this Amnesty period as an opportunity to clear their names of Warrants of Arrest and change their behaviours on the public roads moving forward.

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