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IPC found me guilty without conclusive evidence – Davids

IPC found me guilty without conclusive evidence – Davids

Staff Reporter

FORMER Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councilor, Desiree Davids stated that currently, it is unclear whether or not she will be going back to the IPC, after being unfairly dismissed in June 2021.

Davids, was yesterday cleared by the Anti-Corruption Commission of any wrong-doing after facing allegations that she used her position as a City of Windhoek Councilor to get her application for a piece of land fast tracked.

“Investigations could not yield evidence proving that, Ms Davids abused her position or that, her application was treated differently from that of other Councillors who had previously applied and allocated erfs. Therefore, there is no evidence that warrants submission of the docket to the Prosecutor-General for a decision to prosecute and the case file is therefore closed,” the ACC wrote yesterday after investigating the councilor in question for several months.

REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE: Desiree Davids. Photo: File

Speaking to informanté, Davids shared that the ACC, in the interest of justice, did a thorough investigation on the matter and accessed witness accounts as well as documentary evidence from the City of Windhoek, adding that the IPC however did not have the liberty to do this, as some councilors at the City of Windhoek declined to speak to the party, stating that they were not employed by IPC and as such refused to be interviewed by the party.

In the absence of this information, Davids noted that the IPC still found her guilty and fired her on the basis of allegations made by people. “They found me guilty based on statements of two people that lied under oath in order to fulfil their agenda. Me going into politics was not because of IPC. I did community work out of my own accord, and I joined the party with the pretext that it would have a much greater impact on helping those in need,” Davids shared.

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