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The Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC) has contracted with Petrosol to develop a fully-fledged service station on the Elisenheim Lifestyle Estate (Elisenheim). 

Over the last 12 years, the growth of Elisenheim has set the pace and the trend of the commercial development of the premier lifestyle property development in Namibia. As the development progressed, state-of-the-art security systems were installed to meet the safety needs of the residents. Further developments, such as a church, a convenient and accessible shopping centre with various amenities including a pharmacy as well as a daycare facility were added as the needs of residents grew. 

Now, the next logical need will be addressed to further enhance and bring quality services closer to the residents, workers, and visitors of Elisenheim. 



The 24-hour service station will be situated on 9 000 square meters of prime property on the estate and will boast three fuel pumps, a quick shop, bakery, coffee shop, car wash, drop-off zone and a fast-food establishment. The groundbreaking is expected to take place within the next few months, and the service station is anticipated to commence operations in approximately two years. 

Le-Hugo van Rooyen, CEO of Trustco Properties, noted that the development will alleviate the burden of residential development, traffic and infrastructure on the City of Windhoek. “The service station at Elisenheim will not only enable residents of the estate to obtain fuel closer to home, but this valuable and convenient service will most definitely benefit the neighbouring small holdings and mushrooming businesses in the vicinity,” he said. 

The Elisenheim Lifestyle Estate has been setting down roots since 2005 with the Elisenheim Estate officially launched on 30 January 2010. During 2014 Trustco Property Holdings acquired the Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC) being the registered owner of Portion 5 of the Farm Elisenheim No.68.

“Petrosol is a wholly Namibian owned company, that was established as a natural outflow of the retail business which Northern Fuel Distributors (NFD) established over the years of its existence. The focus of Petrosol is to construct cost effective, service stations throughout Namibia, which can be managed by independent or owner operators,” Johan Botes of Petrosol said. 

In 2010 NFD started working on the retail concept and registered an operational entity under the name Petrosol Petroleum Solution. 

NFD is one of the largest private fuel suppliers in Namibia in terms of volumes and it manages several millions of litres monthly whilst serving over 800 satisfied customers throughout the country. The Elisenheim service station project promises to stand proud as the flagship outlet in the Khomas region. 

For more information contact: 

Neville Basson 

Head: Public Relations and Corporate Communication 

Trustco Group Holdings Limited 

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