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Omauni agricultural project offers solution to local people

Omauni agricultural project offers solution to local people

Maria David

TRAVELING about 30 kilometres to Okongo just to buy tomatoes or onions has become a thing of the past.

The Omauni agricultural project has provided a solution to the local people. It also opened up income generation opportunities and created jobs.

The N$4.5 million Omauni project was established in 2019 with assistance from donors.

Project manager Martha Kapembe said that the project is currently run by three people, but most of the work is done by volunteers from the community.

Kapembe stated that although the project was established in 2019, it only became operational last year after the country registered a decrease in coronavirus cases.

“We had our first harvest in June. Our second harvest will be in October this year,” she said, adding that during their first harvest, they generated about N$24 000.

Kapembe indicated that the project brought relief to the community of Omauni. They no longer travel to Okongo “just to buy three loose tomatoes. Our people are now saving their coins. The project is supplying what the community need, at an affordable price,” she added.

Kapembe stated that they grow tomatoes, onions, cabbage, spinach and chili.

Kapembe noted that there is a need for someone from the ministry of agriculture to train and advise on the best practices of running a project like theirs.

In Namibia, 70% of households depend on agriculture.

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