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FLIPSIDE by Chris Jacobie

THE commemoration of Heroes will always be a reminder of the price of Namibian independence.

Even if people want to forget, the patience of history will never allow for the sands of time to cover the blood and tears on Namibian, Angolan and Zambian battlefields, just as the heroes and pioneers of two hundred years ago are not forgotten and are still present at the campfire stories and cultural festivals of today.

Heroes Day will always have one foot in the past, but will also have the other foot ready to march forward with grit, courage and fortitude to meet the national challenges of today and the generations yet to come.

The greatest achievement of the Namibian nation is that they have proven that they are deserving of the scarifies, by maintaining peace, stability and freedom and are united in adversity.

When Namibians pause to reflect on the recognition and gratitude for their Heroes of history – present and future generations should find the courage and support to stare down the challenges of the future as they will come and will be hard.

A Nation that achieved liberation, has written a constitution and has maintained peace in a volatile world where daily living is a struggle. Such a nation can overcome much more and when Namibians gathers at Mariental they will know they can overcome.

After the disruption of Covid-19, an eight-year drought in some places and a world cost of living crisis, Mariental is the battlefield of a future of unity.
Hardap has a pedigree and is designed for victory in the new struggle as the jungles and the woodlands were designed for the gun. The new trenches for economic freedom and self-sustainability lies in Great Namaqualand of 200-years ago and is made for progress and development.

Like the thousands of rivers that converge and make the mighty Fish River roar, Namibians in Mariental coming from far and wide will let the Namibian roar of freedom on Heroes Day be heard in the corners of the country with a message of independence, peace and stability.
Heroes Day will add another chapter to national unity by smoothing the cracks that from time to time can appear in any foundation.

Namibians have always overcome. Not too long ago the harsh and unforgiven great Namaland, arguably home to the most diverse population of Namibians, could have been forgiven if they thought it will never rain again, after a devastating drought that saw the Hardap dam reduced to a mud pool.

The waving plumes of grass have wiped the memory of tragedy and the courage of the South see its people again in the forefront of agricultural production from the Orange River to the desert lands of the Namib and Kalahari.

Miners from all parts of the country search the rich belly of the earth for every conceivable mineral. In the Atlantic Ocean Namibian technology and courage explore the deep and treacherous seabed for the finest diamonds in the world.

The courage of pioneers unlocked this once thought water wasteland and over centuries, the south became home to Namibians from every corner and today is the most diverse community of all of the 14-regions.

Heroes Day Commemoration is the opportunity for free Namibians to share losses, pains, sacrifices and rally them for the hope needed for the future, because history have moulded the resilience of the great Namaqualand into a national asset.

Namibians must touch the shrines of heroes to feel the wind of virtue igniting a deep desire to respect the lesser as equals and give them dignity, because we know the names of even the most unfortunate.
Dignity, justice and care maintains good citizens and the best Namibia for all.

The Heroes must be assured that their sacrifices are in good hands and that their courage will always inspire and unite.

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