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Blind, joyful and thankful

Blind, joyful and thankful

Maria David

GETTING to Isaac Hailumetana’s traditional homestead in the Egambo village of Ohangwena is a tricky affair.

From the tarred road one faces the challenge of a two-track road that is bumpy and sandy, therefore very much difficult to navigate.
The clock indicated that it was 13:00.

Isaac Hailumetana sits in his traditional hut oblivious of recently arrived visitors who were conversing with his wife and children on the other side of the homestead.
The delegation was headed by Ohangwena Regional Governor Walde Ndevashiya.

Hailumetana is visually impaired and sees practically nothing, but meeting him one is immediately struck by a happy face and a joyful mood.
In an interview with Informanté he indicated that he is rarely visited, therefore “seeing” the delegation brought him a great joy.

He said that he was not born visually impaired. His condition was the result of his eyes making contact with “something” that affected his sight.
That “something ” was probably an unknown chemical.
That occurred at Onambutu village after he was repatriated from Angola in 1989.

Hailumetana stated that he went to join the liberation struggle in 1984 and was later deployed inside the country, specifically at Eenhana, Ohangwena and Onambutu.

He expressed happiness that the government knows about him, cares about him and is rendering assistance.
“I am thankful of everything. The challenges are there, but my wife has been my constant help,” he said.

Ohangwena governor Ndevashiya and his team has embarked on a an assessment program to see the living conditions of all veterans in the Region.
Ndevashiya stated that they want to know the challenges they face and how best to assist them.

“We also want to see if the projects given to them are still running and the houses are still in order,” he added.
The governor also paid a visit to four other houses of war veterans in the area of Ondobe and Omulonga and is expected to see more veterans shortly.

According to him, during the financial year 2021/22, a total of 212 veterans were registered to receive the monthly subvention of N$2 200, bringing the total number of veterans on this programme in Ohangwena to 3 500.

“Five veterans were registered to receive the N$3 000 monthly improvement grant, bringing the total to 67 veterans on this programme,” he said.

Ndevashiya stated that a total of 109 veterans were registered to receive the N$4 000 monthly improvement grant, bringing the total to 995 on this programme.

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