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German Embassy funds therapy house to assist children with special needs

German Embassy funds therapy house to assist children with special needs

Staff Reporter

THE German Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission, Andreas Goetze, officially handed over a therapy house to the Human Dreams Charity, which is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that offers support to children living with physical and mental challenges.
The embassy financed the therapy house through its micro-project fund by donating a grant of N$420 000 to the NGO last year.
“The aim is to give physically and mentally challenged children a safe haven and a retreat where they can receive treatment according to their special needs,” the embassy said.


The embassy explained that the house was built in the Windhoek-Brakwater area with the assistance of masons and bricklayers from the Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) association – an association that supports unemployed artisans from the informal economy.
The house was built in a traditional round form, with a thatched roof, and it consists of a big room, a kitchenette, a big bathroom and a storage room. The embassy also added a swimming pool, which is intended to assist with the stimulation and development of the children at the therapy house.
Human Dreams Charity was originally founded in Germany by Nicole Mtawa. The organisation also offers animal-therapy to the children and various animals are thus kept at the premises.
The German Embassy said that it was able to build another house since last year and is currently constructing a third.

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