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The 24hr protective gaze over the city reigns victorious

The 24hr protective gaze over the city reigns victorious

Samuel Shinedima

The installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) system within the city of Windhoek has proven to be an effective measure of increased security, as well as improved efficiency and performance of policing and operations.

Earlier this week, the municipal police of Windhoek city (City Police) had invited the Informanté team during a CCTV footage review of a recently reported accident at the katutura central store, illustrating the effectiveness of their CCTV security system.

The accident happened on 31 July 2022, at exactly 01:25 am, where a pickup bakkie collided with a taxi on the intersection of traffic lights in katutura. While the incident is described to be shocking enough as one of the drivers drove through red lights, a crowd of onlookers and bystanders could be seen flocking to the vehicles and were suspected to be looters.

VIDEO: 24hr Protective gave over the City. Video: Samuel Shinedima

Chief of City Police, Abrahan Kanime stated that CCTV cameras are not only serving as a strict deterrent and to provide residents of the city a safer environment, but also ensure that any such reprehensible activities are caught in the act, and to speed up investigations thereafter.

Residents of the city are hereby informed that the sight of CCTV cameras around the city, which cover nearly 80% of the city, conclude an air of monitoring the movements of residents and the presence of the law thereof, deterring anyone planning to carry out a crime from doing so. It is however, not a threat but a warning that the city is under strict surveillance at all the time, to secure maximum protection of residents.

While the city provides a bird eye-watch over its jurisdiction, residents who may be victims of any crime activities are encouraged to approach the city police head office, and be assisted in tracing the identities of the criminals.

At the time of the accident’s footage review, Informanté has simultaneously witnessed a resident who was being assisted, after forgetting her handbag in a taxi and such taxi was successfully traced by City Police through their CCTV camera footages.

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