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Robbers get away with N$120 000 in Ohangwena

Robbers get away with N$120 000 in Ohangwena

Maria David

A CASE of robbery with aggravating circumstances is being investigated by the police in the Ohangwena Region after three unknown suspects robbed a man at gunpoint at Omafo in the border town of Helao Nafidi.

According to crime investigations coordinator Zackaria Amakali, the robbery occurred Tuesday afternoon when three unknown suspects armed with pistols, held the victim at gunpoint, and also stabbed him with a knife and fired shots before robbing him of his money and cellphone.

The victim sustained a stab wound on the left hip.

It is alleged that the victim withdrew N$120 000 from his commercial bank at Oshikango and went to another commercial bank to convert the money into South African currency.

He then drove to his house at Omafo where he was attacked by the three suspects who apparently trailed him from the banks at Oshikango.
Amakali is urging people to be very careful when withdrawing or carrying huge amounts of money.

He said that criminals stand in queues inside the banks pretending to be clients, but in reality are spying on the real clients. When they notice someone withdrawing a large amount they transmit the information to the other members of the criminal syndicate who would then follow and rob the victim.

Amakali said that no arrest was effected and the stolen money and cellphone have not been recovered.

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